Your local lock service supplier in Logan City

At Ace Locksmiths in Logan City, we are dedicated to providing a lock service that will suit your needs. That's why we house such an extensive range and always offer the best advice about our products. With our locks, you can be confident your belongings will be secure, and at competitive prices. Visit us today.



Need a padlock for an obscure object? Ace Locksmiths has you covered. We have a great range of padlocks, padbolts, hasp & staples, floor anchors and chains for all your needs. We provide you with security for just about anything that can't be nailed down! Come into our store in Woodridge and grab a lock or chain for:

  • Letterboxes                                             *  Energex access
  • Toolboxes                                               *  Camping Trailers
  • Push bikes                                              *  Machinery
  • Lawn mowers                                           * Safety Lockout
  • Garden sheds                                          * Garage doors
  • Gates
  • Shipping containers
  • Motor bikes

Customer focused

Padlocks come in many types & sizes, with various types being able to be keyed alike, so you can have  one key to open different padlocks for different purposes and even keyed the same as your house or business door locks. Visit us to see what can be done.